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Specialist in food flavouring for craftsmen, VSEs and SMEs

Arom-Appro, Culinaide's brand dedicated to professionnals, offers a range of professional quality food flavours and colours for all the needs of craftsmen and food manufacturers: caterers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice-cream makers, chefs, brewers, biscuit manufacturers...

We provide packaging adapted to professional use, from 250 ml to 25 kg canisters.
Rates adapted to professionals
Possibility to create custom recipes and dosages, according to your needs
Shipping anywhere in the world, by carrier or postal services
Availability within 10 days max.
Customer service dedicated to professionals

Our Quality Department can also send you samples and technical data sheets of our products. 

A need? Contact us on +33 970 190 426 or by email sales@culinaide.com


Our range of flavours (powder or liquid) for professionals

(we can also provide you with a "tailor-made" aroma)    

Citrus fruits

Bergamot Lemon meringue Lemon Lemon Lime Lemon zest Clementine
Tangerine Orange Blood orange Grapefruit Yuzu  


Red Fruits

Blackcurrant Cherry Amarena cherry Cranberry Strawberry Strawberry Gariguette
Wild strawberry Strawberry type tagada candy Raspberry Forest fruits Red Fruits Gooseberry
Blackberry Blueberry Granada      

Exotic fruits

Pineapple Banana Passion fruit Exotic fruits Guava Kiwi
Litchi Mango Coconut Papaya Pina Colada  

Yellow Fruits

Apricot Melon Mirabelle Nectarine Watermelon Peach
Peach apricot White peach Vine peach Pear Pear William Apple
Green apple Plum        

Dried fruits

Bitter almond Groundnut Chestnut Cream Maple tree Fig Hazelnut
Hazelnut Dutella Grilled hazelnut Nut Hazelnut paste Pistachio Prune
Dried grape Pecan nut        

Meat products

Bacon Beef Sheep Chicken Roasted chicken Roasted beef
Meat juice Ham        

World food

Sesame Teriyaki Wasabi Durian Pandan  


Asparagus Carrot Celeri Cep mushroom Morille mushroom Truffle Mushroom
Cucumber Corn Black olive Green olive Leek Green pepper
Fried potato Cooked tomato Fresh tomato      

Alcohols (without alcohol)

Amaretto Curacao Irish coffee Mojito Pina colada Rum
White rum White wine Red wine Whisky    

Dairy products

Butter Fresh butter Vanilla butter Cream Whipped cream English cream
Crème brulée Blue Cheese Camembert cheese Cheddar Cheese Goat Cheese Comté cheese
Emmenthal Cheese Parmesan cheese Milk Beaufort Cheese    

Spices and Herbs

Garlic Roasted garlic Garlic and herbs (powder) Dill Aniseed Basil
Snail butter Bouquet garni Cinnamon Cardamom Clove nail Coriander
Cumin Shallot Tarragon Eucalyptus trees Tonka Bean Smoked
Smoked powder Genievre Ginger Ginseng Laurier Mint
Peppermint Glacial mint Nutmeg nuts Onion Oregano Parsley
Siberian pine Licorice Rhubarb Rosemary Green tea Thyme

Floral notes

Lemongrass Poppy Orange blossom Geranium Hibiscus Jasmine
Lavender Lotus Lily of the valley Pink Violet Violet candy 

Sweet notes

Cotton candyfloss Speculos biscuit Russian Cigarette Biscuit Four-quarter biscuit Panettone Biscuit Butter shortbread biscuit
Biscuit type Oréo Harlequin Candy M&M's Candy Cocoa Coffee Calisson
Cappuccino Carambar Caramel Salted butter caramel Caramel Rum Grape Rum Cereals
Cheesecake Chocolate    Milk Chocolate White chocolate Intense dark chocolate After-Eight Chocolate
Lemon meringue Cola Cookies Croissant Crumble Vanilla extract (1 kg of pod)
Vanilla extract (400 gr of pods) Marshmallow Madeleine Tutti Frutti (Malabar) Macaroon Honey
Mocha Nougat Nougatine Gingerbread Toasted bread Small butter
Pomme d'amour Praline Hazelnut praline Tutti-Frutti (Red Bull) Tatin pie Tiramisu
Toffee Vanilla Vanilla Flamby type Bourbon vanilla    

Seafood products

Crab (surimi type) European shrimp Crayfish Lobster Oyster Cooked mold
White fish          


Notre Our range of food colorants for professionals



Lemon Yellow E102 Yellow Pineapple E104 Sun Yellow E110 Raspberry Red E122 Strawberry Red E124 Cherry Red E129
Dark blue E131 Indigo Blue E132 Brilliant blue E133 Turquoise Blue E142 Purple E122/132 Mint Green E102/131
Apple Green E102/133 Fushia E122/E133 Orange E102/E110/E124      


Pistachio Green E102/133/124/151 Caramel Brown E102/124/151 Brown Coffee E102/124/151 Egg yolk yellow E102/110 Fuschia   E122/133 Blueberry E122/132
Orange E102/110/124 Tangerine E102/110/124 Black E122/104/142      



Lemon Yellow E102 Yellow Pineapple E104 Sun Yellow E110 Raspberry Red E122 Strawberry Red E124 Cherry Red E129
Indigo Blue E132 Brilliant blue E133        



White (pure titanium dioxide E171) Caramel brown (E150d)   Yellow (turmeric E100 at 3.7% turmeric)             Green (95% copper chlorophyllin E141ii)     Blue (spirulina extract)      Black (pure E153 vegetable charcoal)        
Orange (with 7% beta carotene E160a) Fuschia (50% E120 cochineal carmine)          Purple (spirulina extract + cochineal carmine)