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Discovery sets for homemade yoghurts

Discovery sets for homemade yoghurts

Culin'aide has tested the homemade yogurts for you with the Seb yogurt maker.
There are of course several recipes, here is the one we make:
All ingredients must be at room temperature (remember to take the ingredients out of your fridge)

                - 1 litre of 1/2 skimmed milk 

                - 1/2 litre of whole milk

                - 1 plain yoghurt

                - 90 g powdered sugar (if you want sweet yoghurts)

                - Aromas according to your desires (for me red fruits, exotic fruits, apricot and raspberry).

  To vary the pleasures you can mix the flavours together (strawberry/banana, apple/pear).

Mix the yoghurt with the sugar, gradually add the two milks; mix well.

Wait ten minutes before filling the jars.

Add between 12 and 15 drops of flavour per pot if you have sweetened your yoghurts OR between 20 and 25 drops of flavour per pot if you have not sweetened your yoghurts

Spoon each jar well.

Incubate in position 1 for 9 hours. It is imperative to remove the yoghurts as soon as the incubation is complete by removing the lid of the Multidélices horizontally to prevent the condensation from falling back into the yoghurts.

Let the yoghurts cool for 10 minutes and then put them in the fridge with their lids.