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Powder - 50 g

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Product Details

Sugar-free and calorie-free, this natural flavour is the essential complement to flavor all your recipes, even those on a diet!

Used for a long time by many Chefs, flavours have become essential ingredients in cooking because they provide more creative possibilities, saving time, consistency and the safety of always successful preparations. So, like the Chefs, give way to your creativity and dare to combine for an easy cuisine, full of aromas and delicacy.......    

Make original or traditional recipes with this NATURAL aroma that faithfully restores the taste of MELBA Peach A few grams will allow you to flavor a natural yogurt, enhance a slightly bland preparation, create original cocktails and many other recipes that will surprise your friends. 

With 2 teaspoons of our flavouring, make a litre of dessert cream, ice cream, sorbets, ganache,... a litre of water or flavoured milk......                           

  With 5 teaspoons of our flavour, prepare pastries or any other recipe requiring baking

With an identical dosage whatever the flavour, our range has been specially developed for individuals, restaurateurs, caterers easy to use, all our flavours can be mixed together and can be coloured with our range of liquid or powder dyes. All our flavours are packaged in unbreakable and transparent PET (phthalate-free) jars like glass

Legislation: all compounds comply with European legislation: European Regulation No 1334/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008

Composition: vegetable fibres, natural peach apricot flavouring, natural vanilla flavouring, natural cream flavouring, natural raspberry colouring flavouring: without preservative: without contain less than 0.04 ppm natural saffron, less than 0.4 ppb natural athujone, 0.012 ppm natural coumarin and less than 0.2 ppb natural beta thujone

This flavouring is guaranteed allergen-free and GMO-free

Storage: stored between 15 and 25°C and protected from moisture, this flavouring can be kept for at least one year in its original packaging  

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