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Powder - 50 g

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Product Details

Used for a long time by many Chefs, flavors have become indispensable ingredients in the kitchen because they offer more creative possibilities, save time, ensure consistency and guarantee successful preparations. So, like the Chefs, give free rein to your creativity and dare to combine them for an easy cooking, full of flavors and delicacy! 

Create original or traditional recipes with this flavoring that faithfully reproduces the taste of the WHITE FISHERIES.

Sugar free and calorie free, this flavouring is the essential complement to flavour all your recipes, even those on a diet!


Looking for an intense chocolate experience like no other ? Look no further than our white peach flavoring powder
Our 50g bottle is perfect for making original or traditional recipes that will faithfully reproduce the intense and indulgent taste of white peaches
Indulge your senses and indulge yourself with our white peach flavoring powder !

Food flavoring intended for the manufacture of foodstuffs, limited use. Do not consume as is.
Our flavors are guaranteed sugar-free and very low in calories, they contain no allergens or GMOs.

Legislation :
All the compounds are in conformity with the European legislation: European regulation N° 1334/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council of December 16, 2008.

Composition :
Vegetable fibers, mono propylene glycol, flavoring substance.

Preservative/ Colouring agent : None

Storage :
Store in a cool, dry place, ideally between 15 and 25°C. Can be kept for at least 1 year in its original packaging.
All our flavors are packaged in unbreakable PET jars (phthalate free) and transparent like glass.

With an identical dosage whatever the flavour, our range has been specially developed for individuals, restaurants, caterers...
Easy to use, all our flavors can be mixed together and can be colored with our range of liquid or powder colorants.

A few grams will allow you to flavour a plain yoghurt, to enhance a rather bland preparation, to create original cocktails and many other recipes that will surprise your friends. 

Indicative dosage :

  • With 2 teaspoons of our flavouring, make one liter of dessert cream, ice cream, sorbets, ganache, or even one liter of water or flavoured milk...
  • With 5 teaspoons of our aroma, prepare pastries or any other recipe requiring cooking.

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