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Discovery box - Dyestuffs - Colours 3


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Discovery box - Dyestuffs - Colours 3

Indigo Blue - Lemon Yellow - Mint Green - Cherry Red - Coffee Brown - White

dyestuff box 3
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Product Details

Tasteless and heat-resistant, this set of liquid COLOURS will allow you to create colourful cocktails, make multicoloured ice cubes, colour rice, pasta, desserts and many other recipes that will surprise your friends... Leave room for your creativity and dare to combine them for an easy, colourful cuisine...... Feel free to consult our recipe ideas on the home page!  

For your information, the dyes have been diluted to make the picture the dyes delivered are concentrated dyes.

Indicative dosage: Between 0.5 and 1% - The dosage depends on the intensity of the desired colour: a few drops will give you a pastel tone while a higher dosage will give a more frank and brilliant colour. Do not exceed a dosage of 1% or 10 gr (one tablespoon) per litre or per kilo of preparation.  

Technical Aspects: With an identical dosage whatever the dye, our range has been specially developed for private individuals, restorers, caterers easy to use, all our dyes can be mixed allowing you to create original colors. All our dyes are packaged in unbreakable and transparent PET bottles like glass, which allow a perfect dosage thanks to their integrated dripper. Our PET bottles are guaranteed Bisphenol A and orthophthalate-free.  

Legislation: All colours in this box comply with EEC Directive 94-36 on colours for use in foodstuffs.

Composition of the box: - Indigo Blue: water, colouring E132, preservative citric acid: potassium sorbate - Lemon Yellow: water, tartrazine colouring E102, preservative citric acid: water, potassium sorbate - Cherry red: water, red colouring allura red E129, preservative citric acid: potassium sorbate - Mint green: water, tartrazine colourings E102 and E131, preservative citric acid : potassium sorbate - White: water, gum arabic E414, colouring E171, citric acid Preservative: sodium benzoate - Coffee brown: water, brown colouring E155, tartrazine E102, cochineal red E124, brilliant black E151 and blue E131, citric acid Preservative: potassium sorbate

Preservation: stored between 4 and 16°C, these colours can be kept for at least one year in their original packaging.