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Culinaide : food flavors, colors for cooking, candied fruits, plants, fruits and spices... 


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With or without an ice cream maker, as a sorbet or as a creamy ice cream... Improvise yourself as an ice cream maker in your kitchen with this selection of ice cream flavours that subtly enhance the taste of fruit!


Mojito, curaçao, rum, pina colada, whisky flavouring... Find the taste of your favourite cocktails - but in alcohol-free version - and imagine delicious soft drinks to be enjoyed without moderation with this selection of alcohol flavours !


There's no need to deprive yourself of familiar flavours if you are lactose intolerant or have convictions that are close to your heart... Our selection of dairy, meat and fish flavours allows you to vary your pleasures, in vegan mode or not. 


For the classic people who swear by vanilla, the exotic ones who are tempted by passion fruit, the undecided ones who don't want to choose between strawberry and banana, or for the gourmands who would love to put candyfloss in it... Put everyone in agreement thanks to our wide range of yoghurt flavour boxes!

Culinaide, french specialist of flavours for cooking

Culinaide offers one of the largest selections of liquid flavours, powdered flavours and food colourings on the web! They are made in France by our small family business, in its workshop located in the Loire. We also offer products from the Escale aux Epices brand: spices and peppers from around the world, salts and aromatics as well as spice blends assembled in France.

Finally, because we are passionate about cooking and quality products, we have selected for you ingredients for pastry and cooking as well as accessories that will allow you to give free rein to your culinary creativity!

Our products are rigorously selected, comply with current European standards and respect strict rules regarding hygiene, traceability and quality. Particularly attentive to the nutritional aspect and the benefits that nature brings us, the Culinaide team is committed to selecting natural quality ingredients and to choosing organic whenever possible. The majority of our flavours are free of colouring agents. 

Any doubt? Do you need advice? Do not hesitate to contact us... Enjoy your visit on Culinaide !

Customers Reviews

  • What is the difference between liquid and powder flavouring?

Powdered flavours are prepared from liquid flavours mixed with vegetable fibres as a carrier. They do not contain any colouring or preservatives and can be used directly in cold or hot preparations at a rate of 5g/kg or 15g/kg respectively. It is preferable to use them in powdered preparations such as cakes by mixing them with flour. They are more difficult to dissolve in liquid preparations such as yoghurt. They have the advantage of adding a little fibre to your preparations.

Liquid flavorings are easy to use, they can be used in liquid preparations and in cakes by adding them at the very end of the mixing when the dough is well supple to ensure a homogeneous mixture. They can be used hot or cold, only the dosage will vary from 5g/litre cold and 10g/litre hot. In order to meet the demand of our consumers and to make them more attractive and recognizable, our liquid flavors are colored from substances that we choose as often as possible natural and it is sometimes necessary to add a preservative (potassium sorbate) commonly used in food products. If the dosage is well respected, the aromatic power is the same between liquid and powder aromas.

  • What type of flavouring should I choose to make homemade yoghurts?

Culinaide advises you the liquid flavours which are more easily diluted. Powder flavours are more suitable for fibrous preparations such as cakes. 

  • What dosage for our flavours?

For the liquid flavours: 2 teaspoons or 4 gr. for 1 litre of cold preparation / 10 gr. or 5 teaspoons for a hot preparation or a preparation requiring cooking. For the realization of homemade yoghurts, we advise you to put 22/25 drops per pot. 

For the powder flavours: 2 teaspoons either 5 gr. for 1 litre of cold preparation / 5 teaspoons or 15 gr. for a preparation intended for cooking.

  • Are the meat or cheese flavors vegan?

Most meat, fish or dairy flavourings are vegan but not all! To recognize them easily, follow the "100% VEGAN" macaroon which assures you that the production of this flavouring does not use any product of animal origin.

  • What are the differences between "natural flavour" and "aroma"?

Culinaide offers a majority of natural flavours: in these, 100% of the flavouring part (the one that gives the taste) comes from natural flavouring agents.
For the products called "flavourings", the flavouring part (the one that gives the taste) contains all or part of substances obtained by chemical synthesis (flavouring substances). Natural flavouring agents are sometimes added.